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2011-01-19-12 Gastroschisis © Sanchez

Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez, MD; Candelario Conda Moreno, MD; Andres Zurita Zurita, MD; Arioth Ureña, MD; Miguel Angel Albarran, MD.

Centro de Estudios  e Investigacion  En  Salud Materno Fetal de la Secretaria de Salud del Estado de Guerrero, Mexico.
Hospital General  Dr. Donato G. Alarcon de Ciudad Renacimiento, Acapulco,Guerrero, Mexico.
Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero, Mexico.

Case report

This is a case of a 17-year-old G1 P0 presented to our department at 18 weeks of gestation. We discovered a right-sided gastroschisis. No other anomalies were detected. These are some ultrasound images we obtained during the scan at 18 and 22 weeks.

Images 1,2: 18 weeks; Images showing herniated bowel (arrow).

Images 3,4: Sagittal and transverse view of the abdomen, note the abdominal wall defect with herniated bowel which is located on the right-hand side lateral to the umbilical cord insertion.

Videos 1-3: 18 weeks.

5,6: 22 weeks; Transverse view of the abdomen with abdominal wall defect and herniated bowel.

Images 7,8: Doppler images of umbilical cord insertion which is of normal appearance and not involved in the abdominal wall defect, difference from omphalocele.

Videos 4,5: 22 weeks.

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