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2011-05-18-13 Gordon syndrome © Julien

Gordon syndrome

Emmanuel Julien
, MD.

Centre hospitalier Le Mans, France.


Arthrogryposis, distal, type 3
Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, distal, type IIA
Camptodactyly, cleft palate and clubfoot

Case report

This is a case of Gordon syndrome characterized by cleft palate, clubfoot and camptodactyly. All these findings were detected by the ultrasound prenatally and confirmed after delivery.

Images 1,2: Sagittal view of the fetus showing the profile with normal nasal bones.

Images 3,4: Image 3 shows nose and lips, lips are intact without any signs of cleft. Image 4 uses color Doppler to demonstrate the fetal breathing. There is a defect of the palate (arrow) and the amniotic fluid leaks through this defect in the roof of mouth into a oral cavity. Majority of the fluid flows via the nasapharynx.

Images 5,6: Color Doppler showing the cleft palate.

Images 7-10
: Images of the hands showing camptodactyly.

Images 11,12
: Clubfeet.

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