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2011-07-01-07 Gastroschisis © Contarin


Francesco Contarin, MD.

Clinica Sanatrix, Caracas, Venezuela.


Case report

A 25 year-old pregnant woman (G2P1), with non contributive family history, first time underwent ultrasonographic examination at 14+5 weeks of her pregnancy. The examination revealed a right-sided gastroschisis of the fetus. Karyotyping was also done, revealing normal karyotype (46 XX). The pregnancy was followed up until 36+5 days, when cesarean section was done. The female newborn (2850 g) underwent surgery six hours later with good perioperative and postoperative course.

Images 1, 2, 3: Gastroschisis - images show gray scale (images 1, 2) and color Doppler (image 3) scans of free bowel loops within amniotic fluid.

Videos 1, 2: Gastroschisis - videos 2D and 4D scans of the fetus with gastroschisis. Bowel loops are clearly visible protruding out of the fetal abdomen (white arrow on the video 2).


Image 4, 5: Postnatal images of the newborn with gastroschisis before and after operation.

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