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2012-03-19-14 Placental cyst © Jose Luis Volpacchio  

Placental cyst
Director of Ultrasound Department, Centro de Diagnostico Dr.Enrique Rossi, Buenos Aires - Argentina  
Case report: 

A 32-year-old (G0 ) patient had had several ultrasound examinations and the fetal anatomical examination was normal. At  24 weeks, we observed a subchorionic placental cyst of 69x62x34mm.

At 29 weeks, the cyst increased in size and the fetus demonstrated Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) (abdominal circumstance below 6th percentile with normal Doppler flow)

At  31 weeks, Doppler examination showed absence of diastolic flow in umbilical artery.

After cesarean section, the newborn girl weighed of 1100 gr, she needed respiratory support  for six days and developed normally after that. 

Image 1,2 : The  placental cyst

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