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 2012-05-10-15 Urethral agenesis ©Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez    

Urethral agenesis

Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez MD., Arturo Zurita Zurita, MD., Francisco  Genchi Gallardo, MD., Alejandra Toledo Navarrete, MD., Mayra Hernandez Radilla, MD., Jose Angel Samano Cortazar, MD.
Case report:
A 18-year-old G1 P0 with unremarkable family or personal history was referred to our center for the ultrasound scan at 20 weeks.
There was no amniotic fluid (anhydramnios).

These are some prenatal ultrasound and postnatal images of the urethral agenesis in a male fetus.

Image 1, 2: Dilated urinary bladder, unable to observe the kidneys  

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