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2012-05-31-15 Hypoplastic left heart ©Contarin

Hypoplastic left heart 

Francesco Contarin, MD.
Clinica Sanatrix. Caracas, Venezuela.

Case report 1:
23-year-old patient, G2 P1, 27 weeks of gestation. 
The ultrasound findings:  Polyhydramnios, hypoplasia of 2nd phalanx of the fifth digit, pleural effusion, and hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
Chromosomal abnormalities was not confirmed, because the patient did not return.

Image 1, 2: Polyhydramnios, pleural effusion.

Image 3:  Hypoplasia of 2nd phalanx of the fifth digit 

Image 4, 5: Four-chamber view; thickening of right ventricular wall.

Image 6, 7:
  Bicaval view and sagital plane of fetal thorax.

Image 8, 9:
Pulmonary artery and tricuspid valve regurgitation


Case report 2:

A 24-year-old patient, G4 P2 A1 without previous history of cardiac malformations or infections.

Image 10, 11: Thickening of right ventricular wall.

 Image 12, 13: Tricuspid valve in diastole, rudimentary left ventricular chamber and atrial septal defect.

Image 14, 15: Bicaval view 

Image 16, 17: Doppler Ultrasound on three-vessel view demonstrating  a very thin aorta (left), flow fro
m right atrium to right ventricle and no flow seen on left heart.


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