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2012-07-30-08 Trisomy 18 ©Francesco Contarin  

Trisomy 18

Francesco Contarin, MD 
Clinica SANATRIX. Caracas Venezuela. 

Case report:

36-year-old patient G2P1 with unremarkable history.

Sonographic findings: At 25 weeks
  • Polyhydramnios
  • Single umbilical vein
  • Micrognathia
  • Strawberry head shape
  • Flat frontal bone
  • Cyst of choroid plexus
  • Clenched hand
  • Mesocardia, persistent left superior vena cava, ventricular septal defect
Figure 1-2: Images showing the flat frontal bone, micrognathia

Figure 3, 4: Images showing single umbilical vein and ventricular septal defect, mesocardia 

Figure 5, 6: Images showing normal cerebellum. the strawberry shape, and the choroid plexus cyst

Figure 7, 8: Images showed the left superior vena cava along side of the left atrium emptying to the dilated coronary sinus. (asterisk)


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