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2013-02-24-10 Tetralogy of Fallot ©Francesco Contarin

Tetralogy of Fallot

Francesco Contarin, MD

Clinica Sanatrix-Caracas Venezuela

(Tu Le edited)

Case report:

This is a 27-year-old patient (G1P0) examined at 29 weeks of gestation. Her previous history was not contributive. Our ultrasound examination found tetralogy of Fallot of the fetus. The newborn (female, 3100 g) was born at term and the diagnosis was confirmed postnatally by echocardiography and clinical findings.
Image 1: Overriding aorta and intraventricular septal defect.
Image 2: 3-Vessel view. Vena cava, dilated aorta and stenotic pulmonary artery.
Video 1 and 2: Normal 4-chamber  view  with color Doppler.
Video 3: 3-vessel parasagital view.

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