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If you submit for asking help in a diagnosis, write a short story, describe your findings and your questions. Include the most representative images of video. If needed make notes or arrows on the images to describe your questions. We have little time to review, so make every effort possible to make the review easy for us.

If you submit a case for publication please make sure that it has been confirmed by either other modality or reviewed by either us or someone else.

1) Write the first lines as they usually appear in the site:
-first line: name of the case, author,
-second line: name of condition
-third line: authors and their email
-fourth line: affiliation, city, country
-fifth line: the case report

2) Proofread your text and check capitalization, unnecessary double space, extra line returns etc...

3) Provide unedited copies of the images, and labelled one if you need to call attention to specify findings but send both!

4) Carefully select the best and most demonstrative images and only include normal images if they are necessary to exclude some differential diagnoses.

5) Do the same for video clips.

6) Combine everything into a single zip file (unless they can be transferred with a simple email) and send the zip file named after the case.

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