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How to solve difficult prenatal diagnoses cases

by - Philippe Jeanty

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The 90 min presentation reviews how to resolve difficult ultrasound examinations and reach uncommon diagnoses. The intellectual process, the tools used and several pearls are suggested. The narration is in English and French only. This is an interactive lecture and you should try to answer the questions that appear on the screen.

How does it work ?

This lecture only runs on Windows PC, not on Macintosh. When you click the “Add to cart” you will be directed to Paypal where you can either pay with your Paypal account or pay with a credit card. When the payment has gone through you will receive an email that informs you of it (for your records) and I will get a copy and send you the link and password. You can then click the link and download the lecture. It is about 69 MB so it is large and you need a fast line in order to get it. When the file is on your computer click on it and it will ask you where you want it to “extract” (open the various files that are included). Pick a simple location like “My Documents” and make a folder such as “cases”. Then in “Cases” look for the file called MAIN MENU and click on it.

Narration in English and French

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