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  • Exposure: SonoWorld is the most visited ultrasound website in the world with over 150,000 visits per month from over 120,000 unique visitors from 189 countries,and over 325,000 pages views. We have over 143,000+ registered members.Our weekly update email newsletter goes out to 75,000 members.
  • Precise Targeting: SonoWorld is ultrasound, and only ultrasound, all the time.
  • ROI: You know if your message was seen, and if it stimulated results. We track and report impressions and click-throughs to your web site.
A presence on SonoWorld offers many other advantages including
  • Access to an engaged and highly stratified audience.
  • Presence on a trusted and highly respected education-focused platform.
  • Immediate Worldwide reach.
  • A single venue where your message can reach the entire ultrasound community
  • Unparalleled brand building.
SonoWorld offers advertising and promotional options including
  • Banner Advertisements, general and preferred positioning
  • Direct E-mail
  • Press Releases
  • Product Announcements
  • White Papers
  • Feature Articles
  • Special Promotions
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SonoWorld Demographics
The SonoWorld membership offers a snapshot of the overall traffic to the site and reflects a cross section of the global ultrasound community. Practically all of our members actively use Ultrasound Products and Services.
Specialties of physicians registered as members of SonoWorld
SonoWorld has the widest global reach in the ultrasound community.

Approximately 60% of the membership is from North America and the remaining 40% from the rest of the world, with members in India, the UK, Egypt, Australia, China and Brazil representing the largest segments.
Membership Growth continues to accelerate as the site content expands and SonoWorld becomes a regular reference source for ultrasound practitioners around the world.
Some Comments from our Members
  • … the website is great!
    Very user-friendly layout and the best resource for sonography on the web.
  • Thank you to sonoworld & every member sharing in doing this great site.
  • Excellent lecture series. Keep up the good work. Your site is one of a kind.
  • I like very much your fantastic Sonoworld web.
  • More—more—MORE Please!
  • SonoWorld stays on a computer in our reading room all day. The residents find it invaluable.
  • The weekly update email is great – I look forward to it every week.
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Contact us: Send an email to marketing@sonoworld.com or Call (985) 796-7533