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List accomplishments to get noticed
When you're putting together your resume, sit down and think about all the things you've accomplished that you are particularly proud of. Accomplishments really come in two categories: scope and results. Scope covers the size of what you've done. Recruiting directors are a skeptical bunch. When they see a line like “responsible for the health and welfare of patients” that can literally mean two patients, or it can mean 10,000. You need to think about, and then convey, the very specific results of what you've done on the job. These can be successes that you've been a part of as a team, or they can be personal successes. If what is written in your resume can be written by the person who did the job before or after you, then you haven't done yourself justice. Resumes need to be infused with numbers, accomplishment and specifics. It can be difficult to do, but it will dramatically improve your resume.