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Medical Organizations Respond to Cruise Purchase of Scnner

  Multiple medical organizations with an interest in diagnostic ultrasound have responded to the news stories about Tom Cruise purchasing an ultrasound scanner for home use.

 "AIUM Discourages the Sale and Use of Ultrasound Equipment for Personal Use in the Home"

LAUREL, MD - In response to recent news of a celebrity purchasing an ultrasound machine for home use, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) reaffirms its statement on the prudent use of ultrasound. “Tom Cruise’s recent purchase of an ultrasound machine for personal use at home is both inappropriate and in violation of FDA rules addressing the sale of medical equipment,” asserts AIUM President Lennard Greenbaum, MD, of The Hughes Center for Fetal Diagnostics at the Arnold Palmer Hospital, Orlando, Florida".

AIUM Statement:  http://www.aium.org/pressRoom/_releasesContent.asp?id=106

 SDMS Concerned About Tom Cruise's Use of "Sonogram Machine"

SDMS Statement:  http://www.sdms.org/default.asp

ACR Statement:  http://www.acr.org/s_acr/doc.asp?CID=2540&DID=22909

The above listed link to the ACR statement on Cruise's purchase of a ultrasound scanner also includes a list of links to news stories about this issue.