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Farewell to a Champion - Dr. Alvaro X. Terán Varela retires from the Clinical Challenge
Dr. Terán Varela recently redirected his career to take on new responsibilities and is no longer able to consistently devote the time to answer the Clinical Challenge cases.  He wrote to us at SonoWorld to let us know he would be freezing his score at 115.

We asked Dr. Terán about his background.  "Well I was graduate as Medical Doctor on Central University Medical School in Quito-Ecuador (1993). Since 1996 to 2000 I was fellow of General and OB/GYN Ultrasound at IMAGENES facility where I had a great Master Dr. Fernando Villavicencio Hidalgo of whom I learned the secrets of this amazing world. On 2001 to 2003 I completed the "Burwin Institute of Diagnostic and Medical Ultrasound" correspondence course in Physics, Abdomen, OB/GYN and Small Parts while I was in Los Angeles, CA. In 2004 I opened my private office ULTRAMED located in Quevedo city where I am working until the present day.

We were especially curious about his approach to interpretation and asked Dr. Terán Varela how he managed to achieve such a remarkable level of accuracy in his diagnoses.  “I don’t do anything special for the SonoWorld cases" he replied.  "I just use the same approach that I use on all cases.  I start with the history of the patient – the key to a correct diagnosis can often be found in the patient history.  Since I scan patients myself, I can direct the study to address my questions based on the history, and then do a survey of the surrounding structures just to make sure I am not missing anything”.

Dr. Alvaro X. Terán Varela was accepted as a Member of the ECUADORIAN SOCIETY OF ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY after the presentation of a Lecture "CLINICAL UTILITY OF THE UTEROPLACENTAL DOPPLER VELOCIMETRY". In 2007 he was a Top Ten Physician´s Winner in The Fetus.net Case of the Week.     

The people of Equador are fortunate to have access to a diagnostic talent of this level.  We salute Dr. Alvaro X. Terán Varela for his accomplishments and bid him best wishes in his new career direction.