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Sonography & Ultrasound Scanning Protocols | SonoWorld
A Protocol is a written outline, checklist or worksheet that lists the images and measurements that should be acquired during a specified ultrasound examination. It is helpful when constructing your own protocols to see what others have done. In this section of SonoWorld we want to provide a way for labs and individuals to share their protocols and receive recognition for the quality of their work. To see the protocols available select the category first, then the subcategory (if any) and finally the specific protocol that interests you. The protocols can be viewed on-line or downloaded. If you have protocols or worksheets in either Microsoft Word or Acrobat .pdf format that you would like to share with the SonoWorld audience please email them to protocol@sonoWorld.com Be sure to include your name, institution and any information you want to provide about the protocol/worksheet.
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