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2011-10-01-12 Case of the week #309 © Philippe Jeanty

Case of the week #309

January 5, 2012 - January 19, 2012

Philippe Jeanty, MD

Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Case report

This case was sent from across the world by a mother whose baby showed abnormal biometry during her prenatal ultrasound. She was afraid about the diagnosis that she had been given and was researching information about possible diagnoses. In in her effort she also sent some pictures to us. There was no known family history of skeletal dysplasias in the parent's family. Mother's body height was 160 cm; father's height was 183 cm.

The baby was born in term (female, length - 45 cm, weight - 2.69 kg, head circumference - 34.5 cm).

Here are the series of images that were sent to us:

Images 1 - 11: 31+4 weeks of pregnancy:

Postnatal radiograms:

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