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2007-11-05-12 Schizencephaly © Riano

Meyer Serrano Riano, MD.

Perinatology Unit, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia.

Case report
The following images show a case of schizencephaly detected in a 27-week old fetus of a 21-year-old woman (G2P1) with non-contributive history. No other malformations were seen.

Images 1, 2: The image 1 shows a transverse scan of the fetal head with schizencephaly (one of the lateral ventricles clearly communicates with the subarachnoid space and the lateral ventricles largely communicate between themselves). The image 2 shows a coronal scan of the fetal head. The corpus callosum can be seen.


Image 3: The image show a sagittal scan of the fetal head demonstrating the corpus callosum.

Image 5: The image 5 shows a series of the axial scans of the fetal head showing the schizencephaly.



Images 6, 7: The images show multiplanar views of the fetal schizencephalic head.


Videos 1, 2: The videos show the axial and coronal scans of the fetal schizencephalic head.



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