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2012-01-24-09 Case of the week #326 © Bronshtein

Case of the week #326

 August 30th, 2012 - September 13rd, 2012 

Moshe Bronshtein, MD

Department Obstetrics Gynecology, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, 31096 Israel.

(Edited by F.G.)


Case report

A 26-year-old G4P3 woman from a consanguineous couple (she and her husband are first-degree cousins) presented to our department at 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Her first child is healthy, but the second child was born with a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder and has died a few hours after delivery.

During her third pregnancy she underwent ultrasound examination at 15 weeks in another institution. The result of the examination was reported to be normal. Later she presented to our unit at 22 weeks. Our examination revealed the same diagnosis as the second child had and so the pregnancy was terminated afterwards.

Her fourth pregnancy had similar scenario - normal result of the ultrasound examination in another institution at 15 weeks, but positive findings in our unit at 18 weeks. Here are some crucial images and videos that we obtained:

Image 1: 18 weeks of gestation;

Videos 1, 2: 18 weeks of gestation;


Image 2: 18 weeks of gestation;

Images 3, 4: 18 weeks of gestation;


Video 3, 4: 18 weeks of gestation;


Images 5, 6: 18 weeks of gestation;


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