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2018-07-16  Case of the week # 477  © Roza Bataeva

Case of the week # 477
August 16, 2018 - August 30, 2018

Roza Bataeva, MD, PhD 1,2, Snezhana Buryakova, MD 2, PhD,  Fatima Zaikina3, MD 
1. Russian Medical Academy for Advanced Studies (RMAAS), Fetal Medicine Centre Medika, Moscow, Russia. 

2. Fetal Medicine Centre Medika, Moscow, Russia
3. Medical Centre “Consultant”, Tula, Russia.

Case report

A 30 -year-old healthy woman (G1P1) was referred to our center at 21-22 weeks of pregnancy for a routine anatomical scan. Their family and medical history were unremarkable. First trimester screening was normal.

Our ultrasound exam revealed the following findings:

Image 1.

Videos 1-4.



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