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2012-11-06-14 Mitral valve anomalies ©Moshe Bronshtein 

Early mitral valve anomalies

Department Obstetrics Gynecology, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, 31096 Israel

Case report:

Case 1: Low risk pregnancy, week 15, the only abnormal finding was mitral valve regurgitation. 

At week 21, the regurgitation disappeared. The newborn had a normal heart. 

We had other 8 cases of the same phenomenon- "take home message". Early mitral valve regurgitation is a transient rare benign phenomenon.

Clip 1 and image: Showing flow of regurgitation (blue one)

Case 2:
Low risk pregnancy, week 15.

Here are 4 clips showing abnormal findings:  

Clip 2: Mitral stenosis, the valve is  very narrow with poor opening (green arrows) in the context of aortic stenosis.
It was associated with echogenic septum and poorly contractile left ventricle and aneurysm of coronary sinus (white circle) 

Clip 3: There was also absence of flow to left ventricle suggesting a hypoplasia of aortic arch.

Clip 4: The aorta was very narrow with reversed flow. 

The pregnancy was terminated.
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