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2013-07-18-18 Adrenomegaly in renal agenesis © Bronshtein

Adrenomegaly in renal agenesis

Moshe Bronshtein
, MD, Inna Naroditsky, MD.

Haifa, Israel.

Case report

This was a low risk pregnancy first time seen at 16 weeks of gestation. Ultrasonographic examination found mild oligohydramnios, non-visualized urinary bladder, oval hypoechoic masses occupying renal fossae simulating fetal kidneys. Renal structures as itself were not visible (renal agenesis). The hypoechoic masses represented adrenomegaly, which was confirmed histologically after termination of the pregnancy.

In early pregnancy the kidneys look as slight echogenic structures with appearance similar to the fetal lungs. In cases of renal agenesis the adrenal glands expand and simulate renal structures. Despite the renal agenesis, the amount of amniotic fluid may be normal in early pregnancy.

Image 1, and video 1: The image and video show enlarged left adrenal gland of the fetus laying in renal fossa in fetus with bilateral renal agenesis.


Image 2: Pathological images showing adrenomegaly in fetus with bilateral renal agenesis.

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