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Articles » Cardiovascular » Atrioventricular septal defect
2017-05-25  Atrial septal defect (osmium primum)  © Moshe Bronshtein

Atrial septal defect (osmium primum)
Moshe Bronshtein, MD.
Haifa, Israel.

Case report

Following images show two cases of atrial septal defects (ostium primum) seen at 15 and 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Images 1 and 2; videos 1 and 2: 
2D images of the fetal heart showing linear insertion of AV valves creating the so called "mercedes sign". This sign is frequently seen in AVSD. However the main difference is the stable crux ( the connection of the valves to the septum) as appears in this case. The differential diagnosis are AVSD and left persistent superior vena cava.

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