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2017-10-29  Merkel Gruber syndrome  © Ahmed Guennoun

Merkel Gruber syndrome
Ahmed Guennoun, MD, Zineb Chaqchaq, MD, Nisrine Mamouni, MD, Sanaa Errarhay, MD, Chahrazed Bouchikhi, MD, Abdelaziz Banani, MD. 
Obstetrics and Gynecology I - HASSAN II University Hospital - Fez Maroc

Case report

A 28-year-old patient with no significant pathological background with first-degree consanguinity.
Our sonographic examination at 22 weeks of pregnancy revealed a polymalformative syndrome including ventriculomegaly  and enlarged kidneys with multiple cysts associated with oligohydramnios.
Our prenatal diagnosis was Meckel Gruber syndrome, and it was confirmed postnatally.
Following prenatal 2D and posnatal images show our prenatal findings and occipital encephalocele.

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