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Deborah J. Rubens, MD
Acute Abdominal Ultrasound of the RUQ in the ERA of CT
Deborah J. Rubens, MD
04/07/2014 | Time : 43 min
About This Lecture:

Short summary of subject matter: A discussion about imaging the patient with RUQ pain. Discuss the ultrasound criteria for acute cholecystitis. List the causes of complicated cholecystitis. Discuss the different causes of air in the biliary tree.

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, RUQ pain: r/o cholecystitis, potential causes, Acute cholecystitis, Diagnosis of acute cholecystitis: US criteria, Difficult gallstones, Higher frequency resolves smaller stones, Small stones?, Position and technique show the shadow, Sludge or stones, Stones?, Why not use CT to dx cholecystitis?, CT for abdominal pain, 14 yo female with N/V, RUQ pain, 55 yo male with RUQ pain, 17 yo male with fever, child and pain and rash, Pt with AML, fever and RUQ pain, GB wall thickening is non-specific, RUQ pain r/o cholecystitis, 65 yo woman with RUQ pain and mass diagnosis?, Sonographic and CT images, Complicated cholecystitis, RUQ pain and fever, Complicated cholecystitis, 72 yo female, abd pain and guarding, Diabetic with fever and tenderness, Chest pain – rule out pulmonary embolus, Emphysematous cholecystitis?, 46 yo female with 12 hours N/V, RUQ pain, Gallbladder pitfalls, Dilated ducts, 31 yo with RUQ pain, no wbc or fever, elevated amylase, 7 wks pregnant, Dilated ducts, Asymmetric dilated ducts, Jaundice and RUQ pain, 50 yo male with RUQ pain, Some pitfalls, Duct disease without dilatation, Stones in ducts – no air, Stones in ducts, Sonographic image, RUQ pain, Cholangitis may present with obstruction and jaundice, Thickened duct walls and stones: AIDS cholangitis, 27 yo female post cholecystectomy with jaundice, 2 years later, Biliary air: normal or abnormal?, Biliary air post liver transplant, Abnormal LFT’s, RUQ pain and the liver, Hepatitis, Starry sky – hepatitis, Thickened gallbladder wall, abdominal pain, 20 yo male with abdominal pain, vomiting and elevated transaminases, Liver abscess, 60 yo with hx diverticulosis presents with malaise, CT showed marginal enhancement and classic rosette- percutaneous drainage elected, ALL with new RUQ pain 12 yo female, 51 yo female HIV positive admitted with nausea, vomiting and confusion, RUQ pain r/o cholecystitis; patient on oral contraceptives, Hemorrhagic adenoma, 35 yo with 17 yr ocp presents with hypotension, Acute right upper quadrant pain post liver transplant, Patient with acute RUQ pain, 67 yo with RUQ pain, 65 yo female with RUQ pain, 55 yo male with RUQ pain, elevated LFT’s, 61 yo male with RUQ pain, 61 yo female on therapy for lymphoma with RUQ pain, Conclusion

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