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Advanced Breast Ultrasound
03/03/2012 | Time : 52 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Breast anatomy, Tortuous ducts, Imaging evaluation of nipple discharge, High risk, The use of US, Galactogram failure, Intraductal papillomas are not echogenic, US often shows extent of lesion better than galactography, The role of US, Nipple, Straight AP approach, Peripheral compression, Two-handed compression, Rolled nipple technique, Multiple papillomas, Question of multiple papillomas, Long papilloma, Papilloma lying entirely within nipple, Echogenic materials simulating intraductal papillary lesion, Ballottement maneuver, Even very small IDP’s usually fibrovascular stalk, Inspissated echogenic secretions, Multiple central papillomas are more commonly seen sonographically, Multiple, Papillomas, Radial scanning is begun in the 12:00 position, The appearance of intraductal papillary lesions varies greatly, The spectrum of appearances , Papilloma without ductal ectasia, Diameter of an IPL affects its US appearance, IDP’s have high water content, IDP’s are usually soft and compressible, Etiologies for nipple discharge, Duct ectasia causing nipple discharge, Duct ectasia causing chronic nipple discharge , Duct ectasia causing nipple discharge, Acute periductal mastitis causing bloody discharge, Direction in which vessel courses , Communicating cyst causing nipple discharge, US-guided percutaneous galactography, Intraductal papillary lesions, IPL that extends beyond duct wall, ID papillary lesions with soft suspicious findings, Ductogram, IPL that expands duct lumen, IPL length > 20mm and branch duct involvement, IPL extensive branch pattern, Peripheral papillary lesion involves TDLU, Peripheral papilloma, Peripheral and central papilloma, Peripheral papilloma, Implants, Textured implants, Implants , Partial collapse, Implants , Implants, Radial fold, Implants, Saline implants, Implants

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Keywords : anti-radial plane, breast implant, breast sonography, breast ultrasound, color Doppler, DCIS, duct ectasia, ductal carcinoma in situ, ductal ectasia, ductogram, fatty tissue, galactogram, galactography, glandular tissue, hyperprolactinemia, intracapsular implant rupture, intracystic papilloma, intraductal papillary lesion, intraductal papilloma, IPL, leaking breast implant, leaky breast implant, mammary implant, nipple discharge, nipple secretions, periductal mastitis, radial fold, radial plane, retroareolar, ruptured breast implant, saline breast implant, silicone breast implant, silicone extravasation, silicone granuloma, snowstorm appearance, sonomammography, stepladder sign, subareolar, TDLU, terminal ductal lobule unit

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