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HP Weskott, MD
CEUS in the Abdomen
HP Weskott, MD
02/03/2014 | Time : 40 min
About This Lecture:

This lecture offers helpful hints in the use of ultrasound contrast ultrasound in abdominal imaging. Discuss how CEUS aids in the characterization of focal liver lesions. Discuss the CEUS appearance of malignant focal liver lesions.

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, US contrast agents: A new wonder weapon?, Aorta and hepatic vessels, 78 yo male, sudden onset of back pain, CEUS, PAD of both legs” membraneous aortic stenosis, CFI vs PII, Arterial tree, Liver metastases, Peripheral PV occlusion, ICU pt 1st day after right hemihepatectomy, Liver met left LL from rectal cancer, PV tumor invasion, CEUS and the liver, Detection of liver lesions, Review paper, Detection of liver metastases, Contrast kinetics in tumor and liver tissue define the best time for detection of FLL, Detection and characterization of liver mets, Wash in and late PV phase, HIRES mode, Characterization of FLL, Benign vs malignant FLL: CEUS criteria, Diagnostic confidence of B mode, Intercostal scan plane, Hemangioma, Echogenic FLL, hpervascular met, Asymptomatic 45 yo female, Incidental findings in 39 yo male, FNH, PII, Colon cancer met, central ischemia/necrosis, Melanoma, cyst?, Sonographic image, Liver mets, Calcified colon cancer mets, Malignant melanoma, HCC, Patient’s history, Basic US examination, Video clip, Histological confirmed CEUS diagnosis of an (extranodal) hepatic NHL, Pancreas and splenic lesion, B cell NHL of the lung, pancreas and spleen, Renal lesions, Sonographic image, T cell NHL, Complicated cyst (RCC), Incidental findings in left kidney, Indications for imaging in pyelonephritis, Pathophysiology, Fever, right flank pain, Bacterial nephritis, Pararenal abscess, 34 yo female; back pain, fever, Acute pyelonephritis, dysuria a few days ago, no fever, Vasculature of gallbladder polyp, RUQ pain 1 week ago, 82 yo pt, pain left mid abdomen since 2 weeks ago now increasing, Infarction, Cutaneous fistulography in a pt with Crohn’s disease, Thank you for your attention

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Keywords : 3D contrast imaging, accumulation mode, arterial phase, attenuation artifact, CEUS, contrast artifact, contrast enhanced ultrasound, contrast replenishment, contrast transit time, early portal vein phase, FNH, focal nodular hyperplasia, gallbladder polyp, glare artifact, HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma, late portal vein phase, liver metastasis, liver mets, mechanical index, MI, microbubble destruction, microbubbles, nephritis, NHL, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, PAD, peripheral arterial disease, portal vein thrombosis, portal venous phase, pyelonephritis, RCC, renal cell carcinoma, ultrasound contrast agents, wash in phase

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