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Mindy M. Horrow, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM
Cesarean Section US & CT of Acute and Chronic Complications
Mindy M. Horrow, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM
12/24/2011 | Time : 40 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Introduction, Acute complications following cesarean section, Overview, Four different “normal” studies , CT and US in same patient, Small myometrial and extrauterine hematomas, Routine findings 4 days post C-section, Normal CT imaging post C-section, Normal US imaging post C-section, Small bladder flap hematoma, hemoperitoneum, Infected bladder flap , Bladder flap hematoma, Subfascial and abdominal wall hematoma, Infected rectus/subfascial hematoma, Subfascial hematoma, History: premature rupture of membranes, Infection resolved with conservative management, Re-admitted 12 days later for purulent drainage, Uterine dehiscence, Ruptured uterus with broad ligament hematoma, Follow-up: resolution of hematomas; tethered uterus, Uterine rupture, Subcutaneous wound infection, Subcutaneous wound infection with dehiscence, Increased bleeding and persistent fever, History: fever and abdominal pain and free air Extrauterine infection, Chorioamnionitis and failure to progress, Unexplained post partum fever, Two different patients with diffuse septic pelvic vein thrombophlebitis, Septic pelvic thrombophlebitis, Chronic complications following Cesarean section, Overview, Sonography and Cesarean section, What is wrong with the uterus?, CT and transvaginal US views of a similar patient, Scar simulating myoma, Endometrium may be pulled into the scar , Blood can accumulate in the scar, Retroflexed uterus with fluid in scar, History of heavy menses and inter-menstrual bleeding, The Cesarean scar “pouch” or “niche”, IUD malpositioned in scar , TA/TV US confirms IUD partially in cervix, Another patient with malpositioned IUD, CT several days after C-section, Several months later patient is pregnant with bleeding, After treatment with systemic methotrexate, Two days later, History Cesarean section X 1, Ectopic pregnancy in Cesarean scar, 30 weeks pregnant with gross hematuria, Placenta accreta, Endometriosis scar – US, Endometriosis scar – CT, Endometrial implant in scar, Incarcerated ventral hernia, References,

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Keywords : abdominal wall hematoma, bladder flap hematoma, broad ligament heamtoma, CERVIX, cesarean scar niche, cesarean scar pouch, cesarean section, cesareans scar ectopic pregnancy, chorioamnionitis, C-section, endometrial canal, endometrial implant in cesarean section scar, endometritis, extrauterine hematoma, extrauterine infection, hemoperitoneum, incarcerated ventral hernia, infected bladder flap hematoma, malpositioned IUD, methotrexate, myometrial hematoma, myometrium, Pelvic Ultrasound, placenta accreta, pneumoperitoneum, post partum fever, rectus hematoma, retroflexed uterus, septic pelvic thrombophlebitis, sonohysterogram, subfascial hematoma, tethered uterus, transabdominal pelvic ultrasound, transperineal ultrasound, transvaginal pelvic ultrasound, uterine adhesions, uterine dehiscence, uterine rupture, uterine scar, uterus, vaginal birth after cesarean section, VBAC

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