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Chrystia Slywotzky, MD
Challenging Ultrasound OB/Gyn Cases
Chrystia Slywotzky, MD
04/07/2012 | Time : 43 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : 32 yo woman presenting to the ER with extensive vaginal bleeding, Sonographic images, US findings, MRI, Post gadolinium images, Uterine AVMs, Management, References, 41 yo woman 18 weeks pregnant, Sonographic images, Large left adnexal mass, Sonographic images, Involvement of the urinary bladder, Sonographic image, Intraoperative findings, Well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, References, 34 yo woman with acute RLQ pain , Transabdominal ultrasound images, Ultrasound findings, Left ovarian findings, Assessment, Note bilateral dermoids, Intraoperative findings, References, 65 yo woman s/p TAH/BSO, Sonographic image, Endovaginal images, Ultrasound findings, CT findings, Extraovarian primary peritoneal carcinoma, References, 52 yo African American woman with vaginal bleeding , Sonographic image, Note extensive adenopathy, What is your DDx?, Note associated retroperitoneal adenopathy, Malignant mixed Mullerian tumor, Reference, 24 yo woman, Retained placenta, Endovaginal images, Retained placenta, Quantitative B-HCG, Patient underwent endometrial curettage, 30 yo woman followed serially for large left ovarian mass, Left ovary, Decidualized endometrioma, References, 36 yo woman admitted for 6th elective C-section, Patient 7, Large placenta previa, Sonographic image, US findings, Patient 7, Balloon positioning and inflation, Introperative cystoscopy, Operative course and findings, Introperative view, Operative course, Intraoperative emergency embolization, Goal: rapid, permanent embolization, Surgical specimen, View of amputated cervix, Operative course, Postoperative course, Placenta accreta/percreta, Methotrexate use, References, 38 yo woman s/p NSVD , Appearance of placenta, Pathology report at delivery, US 2 weeks after D&C, US images B-HCG neg, Assessment, Pathology at initial D&C, US following 2nd D&C, Retained products of conception, 50 yo woman with vaginal bleeding, Transabdominal images, Sonographic image, TV image, What other finding is there?, Correlative CT images, The patient underwent hysterectomy, Bisected pathology specimen, Cervical involvement with endometriosis, References, 54 yo postmenopausal woman, Sonographic images, Sonographic features, CT was interpreted as a fibroid, Patient underwent resection of the mass, References, 29 yo woman with enlarging pelvic mass, Sonographic images, Gadolinium enhanced sequential T1 images, MRI and US, Additional information, Low grade leiomyosarcoma, 24 yo with purulent vaginal discharge, TA images, What are the US findings?, Additional findings, Uterus didelphys , Was anything added to the usual female pelvis protocol?, MRI findings/technique, Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome , 37 yo woman with increasing abdominal girth , Sonographic images, Correlative CT images, Pseudomyxoma peritoneii of ovarian origin , Sonographic image, References, 35 yo woman with right sided pain, Sonographic image, TA exam, Right interstitial ectopic , 29 yo woman with schizoaffective disorder and LLQ pain, Pelvic US performed, Grey scale images, Sonographic image, What are you considering at this point?, CT image, 11 days following the CT scan , What is going on with the LOV?, Sagittal haste, Chronically torsed LOV, Challenges related to: , Thank you

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Keywords : B-HCG, BRCA gene, carcinosarcoma, cystic teratoma, dermoid tumor, ectopic pregnancy, endometriod carcinoma, endometrioma, endovaginal ultrasound, hematometros, Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome, hyperectomy, leiomyosarcoma, mixed Mullerian tumor, ovarian cancer, ovarian torsion, pelvic inflammatory disease, Pelvic Ultrasound, PID, placenta accreta, placenta percreta, placenta previa, primary peritoneal carcinoma, pseudomyxoma peritoneii, retained POC, retained products of conception, salpingo-oophprectomy, squamous cell carcinoma, uterine arteriovenous malformation, uterine AVM, uterine fibroid, uterus didelphys, vaginal bleeding

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