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John S. Pellerito, MD
Doppler in the Reproductive Systems
John S. Pellerito, MD
11/02/2009 | Time : 39 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Applications in the female pelvis, Endovaginal color Doppler imaging, Doppler optimization, Pelvic Doppler studies, Uterine arteries, Ovarian blood flow, Ovarian flow physiology – follicular phase, Ovarian flow physiology – luteal phase, Ovarian flow physiology – postmenopausal, Ovarian cysts Doppler findings, Hemorrhagic cyst, Ectopic pregnancy sonography, Placental flow in an IUP, Intrauterine pregnancy value of color Doppler Vaginal bleeding ? viability, Incomplete abortion, Ectopic pregnancy value of color Doppler, Four weeks s/p IVF, Pelvic pain ? adnexal mass, Ovarian torsion, Ovarian torsion – sonographic findings, Ovarian torsion – Doppler findings, Right sided pelvic pain, Acute RLQ pain, Whirlpool sign, Doppler in ovarian torsion Anatomy of testis, Vascular anatomy of testis, Vascular anatomy, Spermatic cord, Normal arterial flow, Acute scrotal pain, Acute testicular torsion, Testicular torsion – US findings, Testicular torsion – Doppler findings, Torsion, Left scrotal pain, Normal right side, Left torsion, Left pain and swelling, Chronic or missed torsion, Missed testicular torsion, Whirlpool sign, Knot in cord, Eight year old with right scrotal pain Partial testicular torsion, Epididymitis/orchitis, Epididymitis/orchitis – US findings, Epididymitis/orchitis – Doppler findings, Epididymitis, Orchitis, Left scrotal pain, Left epididymis, Left epididymo-orchitis, Sixteen year old with left testicular pain, Focal orchitis, Pyogenic abscess with gas, Varicocele, Varicocele – Doppler findings, Left scrotal tenderness, Torsion of appendix testis, Torsion of appendix testis – US findings, Torsion of appendix testis – Doppler findings, Eight year old with left scrotal pain, Conclusions ,

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Keywords : acute testicular torsion, adnexal mass, appendix testis, bell and clapper deformity, chronic testicular torsion, color Doppler, complete testicular torsion, cremasteric artery, deferential artery, duplex Doppler, ectopic pregnancy, endovaginal ultrasound, epididymitis, extrauterine pregnancy, focal orchitis, halo sign, hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, high resistant waveform, hydatid of Morgagni, idiopathic varicocele, iliac artery, iliac vein, incomplete Ab, incomplete abortion, intrauterine pregnancy, IUP, low resistant waveform, methotrexate, missed testicular torsion, mullerian duct remnant, oligospermia, orchitis, ovarian artery, ovarian cyst, ovarian torsion, ovarian vein, pampinaform plexus, partial testicular torsion, pelvic pain, placental blood flow, power Doppler, pseudogestational sac, pyogenic abscess, resistive index, retained POC, retained products of conception, RI, ring of fire, secondary varicocele, spermatic cord, testicular artery, torsion of appendix testis, tunica vaginalis, uterine artery, uterine vein, valsalva maneuver, varicocele, vas deferens, whirlpool sign

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