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James N. Kirkpatrick, MD
Echocardiography and Cardiac Masses
James N. Kirkpatrick, MD
02/12/2011 | Time : 58 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Echocardiography, Outline, Cardiac masses history, Guidelines – echocardiography and masses, Primary cardiac tumors overview, Primary cardiac tumors presentation, Cardiac tumor symptoms, Primary cardiac tumors, EKG, Etiologies – the tumors, Myxomas, Myxomas syndromes, Myxoma path – gross, Myxoma path - micro Location, location, location, Getting’ bigger, goin’ places, Making a comeback, Echocardiographic example, Fibroelastomas, Rhabdomyomas, Tuberous sclerosis, Pathologic specimen, Lipomas, Fibroma, Gorlin syndrome, Echocardiographic example, Hemangioma, Pathologic specimen Honorable mnetion, Review: “B9” tumors, Malignant primary cardiac tumors, Primary malignant heart tumors, Angiosarcoma, Pathologic specimen, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Primary cardiac lymphomas, The unusual gang of suspects, Leiomyosarcoma, Review: primary malignant heart tumors, Metastatic tumors, Chart, Categories, Cardiac mets, Cardiac schematic, Metastatic thyroid cancer, Echocardiographic example Differential diagnosis, Not a tumor, Chiari network, Echocardiographic example, Cysts, Hydatid cyst, Pericardial cyst, Blood cyst, Imaging issues, Artifact vs. mass, Echo assessment, Echo predicators of thrombus (post MI), Echo predictors of embolization of LV thrombi Mobile vs. mural, Echocardiographic example, Off axis imaging, Echocardiographic example, Other techniques, Treatment, Cardiac masses, Rx Differential diagnosis, Echocardiographic example, Echocardiographic example, Video intensity vs. time, Echocardiographic example, Echo malignant >B9, Echocardiographic example, Chart, Echocardiographic example, Review , Thank you

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