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Roy A. Filly, MD
Efficient and Effective Interpretation of the Four Chamber Heart View and Views of the Great Arteries
Roy A. Filly, MD
03/26/2011 | Time : 49 min
About This Lecture:

In this obstetrics lecture, the speaker presents an overview of the most effective way to interpret a 4 chamber heart ultrasound . Upon completion of this educational activity the participant will be able to identify the heart chambers and valves , and recognize abnormalities.

Topics mentioned in this video : Anomalous development, Despite its obvious importance …, Patients at greatest risk for congenital cardiac anomalies, Assume we do an echocardiogram, For 4 out of 5 fertuses with cardiac anomalies, Four chamber view, AIUM guidelines (the “basic” sonogram), Cardiac anatomy is difficult Four chamber heart view, Four chamber heart isn’t all we wish to know, Identify chambers, 4 chamber view?, Evaluate size of chambers, Atrial septum bows from right to left, Evaluate size of chambers, Evaluate heart size, Are these normal size heart chambers?, Relationship of LA to DA and apex to anterior chest wall, Mediastinal shift, Is the mediastinal position normal?, Lateral mediastinal shift, Mediastinal shift – large, moderate, minimal Check axis of heart, Normal cardiac axis, Abnormal cardiac axis, Check situs, Situs ambiguous, Getting four chamber view, Think axial, Is scan axial?, Think abdominal circumference Often same as view of lips or vice versa, View of lips is often same plane as four chamber view, Great vessels, What plane of section is the LVOT?, Great vessels, Why do I want these vessels?, LVOT, RVOT RVOT & LVOT, Why do I want to observe these features?, RVOT & LVOT views, Four chamber view, Angle up from four chamber view to LVOT, RVOT view, Better to think of this as mid sagittal view, RVOT view lines up with the spine, RVOT view lines up with the profile, LVOT, Tetralogy of Fallot, RVOT, Hypoplastic left heart syndrome Great vessels, Three vessel view, Three vessel view – what do I want to know?, Three vessel view, Slight movements to see pulmonary artery bifurcation, Once you have four chamber view slide to three vessel view or vice versa, Lip view also often works for three vessel view, Recall that this is what we want to know, Having trouble getting outflow tracts or three vessel view, “Criss cross” view shows you: , Views of great arteries – bottom line, Short axis view of great vessels, Tetralogy of Fallot Analyze the following cases, What’s wrong here?, Heterotaxy (situs ambiguous), Situs ambiguous, What’s wrong here?, Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, What’s wrong here?, Double outlet right ventricle, What’s wrong here?, Transposition of great vessels, What’s wrong here?, Pulmonary atresia, Learn how to get these views, Or just get a sweep, Take the pledge, Thank you

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