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Barbara C. Cavanaugh, MD
Elastography for Evaluation of Breast Masses
Barbara C. Cavanaugh, MD
08/09/2010 | Time : 42 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Objectives, Why another ultrasound modality?, Potential for elastography, Elastography: ultrasound palpation, Elastography: quantitative method for palpation, Types of elastography, Performing elastography: static elastography, Static elastography, Static elastography: initial apparatus, Ultrasound elastograms: initial work, Performing static elastography, Techniques for analysis of tissue deformation, Lesion size comparison technique, Invasive ductal carcinoma, Pitfalls in lesion size comparison technique Techniques for analysis of tissue deformation, Combined autocorrelation method, Grade 1: fibroadenoma, Static elastography: elastography Grade 1, Grade 2: fibroadenoma, Static elastography: elastography Grade 2, Grade 3: LCIS, Static elastography: elastography Grade 3, Grade 4: IDC, Static elastography: elastography Grade 4, Grade 5: IDC, Static elastography: elastography Grade 5, Incorporating static elastography into ultrasound assessment of masses, Ultrasound interpretation, Static elastography assessment should …, Similar low suspicious ultrasound appearance, Similar suspicious appearance, Results of clinical trials: static elastography, Elasticity scores of 111 lesions, Results of elastography series, Analysis of benign and malignant elastography scores, Elastography score by BIRADS category Transient shear wave elastography, Static elastography vs. SWE, Shear waves and elastic properties of tissue, SWE quantitative elasticity map, Transient shear wave elastography, Technique of transient shear wave imaging, High intensity longitudinal pulse propagation, Transverse waves propagate laterally, Imaging with SWE, Imaging with SWE: size and shape on B mode and SWE, Different shape and size from gray scale to SWE, Quantitative elasticity (Q box), Incorporating SWE into ultrasound assessment of masses, Clinical examples, Invasive ductal carcinoma, SWE and probably benign masses, Objectives of the breast SWE clinical trial Protocol for breast elastography clinical trial, Reproducibility and reliability, Qualitative reproducibility, Quantitative reproducibility, Conclusions, SWE as a complement to BIRADS assessment, SWE: low suspicion mass but not fully encapsulated, Low suspicion mass, Low suspicion mass but not completely echogenic, Low suspicion mass: equivocal SWE, Elastography and cysts, Characterization of cysts with elastography, Static elastography of cysts, SWE of cysts, SWE: characterization of complicated cysts, Hypoechoic mass: no SWE signal, Signal void can confirm fluid, Are all signal voids fluid?, Invasive ductal carcinoma signal void, SWE signal void, Summary

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