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Ronald J. Wapner, MD
Invasive Testing Methods for Fetal Aneuploidy
Ronald J. Wapner, MD
03/16/2009 | Time : 50 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Changes in prenatal testing over the last 20 years, Amniocentesis as gold standard, Overview of amniocentesis complications, Infection post amniocentesis, Amniotic fluid leakage, Fetal maternal hemorrhage, Fetal trauma, Post amniocentesis fetal loss, Risks associated with amniocentesis, FASTER trial, Early amniocentesis, Incidence of talipes equinovarus post early amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling, 11th-12th gestational age, Transcervical CVS, Transabdominal CVS, Controversies with CVS, Reliability of CVS karotype, Definition of confined placental mosaicism, Illustration of confined placental mosaicism, Clinical significance of confined placental mosaicism, Outcome of pregnancies with confined placental mosaicism, Tay Sachs disease, Catheter insertions during CVS, Pregnancy loss following CVS, Comparison of CVS and amniocentesis loss rates, Impact of operator experience, Correlation between number of catheter insertions and increased pregnancy loss, Effect of uterine contraction on catheter passaget, Importance of correct tissue plane, CVS and limb reduction defects, Oromandibular limb hypogenesis , Terminal limb reduction, Vascular disruption causing hypoperfusion, Limb reduction defects secondary to CVS

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Keywords : advanced maternal age, AMA, amnio, amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, club foot, confined placental mosaicism, CPM, CVS, FASTER trial. Talipes equinovarus, fetal aneupilody, hypoperfusion, karotype, limb reduction defect, OLH, oromandibular limb hypogenesis, Tay Sachs disease, terminal limb reduction, transabdominal CVS, transcervical CVS, trisomies, trisomy 13, trisomy 16, trisomy 18, trisomy 21, vascular disruption

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