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Peter Cooperberg, MD
Is It Real or Is It an Artifact
Peter Cooperberg, MD
02/27/2009 | Time : 51 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Is It Real or Is It an Artifact Types of ultrasound artifacts, Artifactual Color Flow Doppler, Physics explanation of artifacts, Definition of reverberation artifact, Images demonstrating reverberation artifacts, The impact of enhanced ultrasound techniques (THI, PI, compound imaging, contrast agents) on artifacts, Artifacts can hide true pathology, Mirror image artifact, Comparison images of mirror artifacts, Color Flow Doppler mirror image artifact, Ring down or comet tail artifact, Duodenal air causing ring down artifact, Physics explanation of ring down artifact, Adenomyomatosis causing ring down artifact, Fresnel and Fraunhoffer zones and artifact, Impact of changing focal zone, Definition of enhancement, Rectus abdominus muscle causing duplication artifact, Schematic physics explanation for duplication artifact, Ultrasound example of side lobe artifact, Impact of transducer shape of side lobe artifact, Color Flow Doppler artifacts, No Color Flow where there is flow, Impact of transducer angle in creating appearance of lack of color flow, Impact of increasing Doppler power on “filling in” blood vessels , When there is color where there is no flow, Twinkle artifact examples, Wrong direction of flow artifact, Power Doppler artifact caused by strength of reflector

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Keywords : attenuation artifact, beam forming, beam thickness artifact, comet tail, compound imaging, contrast agents, Doppler power, duplication artifact, edge shadow, enhancement, extended view, focal zone, Fraunhofer Zone, Fraunhoffer zone, Fresnal Zone, Fresnel zone, grating lobe, horizontal artifact, mirror image, noise to signal ratio, power Doppler, pulse inversion, range ambiguity, reflections, refraction, refractive shadow, refractive, reverberation, ring down, section thickness, shadowing, side lobe, signal to noise ratio, speckle, speed error, tissue harmonic imaging, twinkle artifact

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