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Ann Marie Kupinski, PhD, RVT
Lower Extremity Veins: Techniques and Interpretation with How To Demonstration
Ann Marie Kupinski, PhD, RVT
01/29/2012 | Time : 68 min
About This Lecture:

A lecture about imaging the lower extremity veins with ultrasound. Discuss the protocol for a lower extremity venous ultrasound examination. Discuss color Doppler role in lower extremity venous ultrasound. List the anatomy examined during an evaluation of the lower extremity venous system.

Topics mentioned in this video : Assessment of venous disease, Patient position, Lower extremity deep veins, Assessment for DVT, Sonographic examples, Calf veins, Sonographic examples, ,Lower extremity superficial veins, Sonographic examples, Lower extremity protocol, Sonographic examples, Lower extremity protocol, Sonographic examples, Interpretation criteria, Sonographic example, ,Documenting thrombus, Interpretation criteria, Sonographic examples, Interpretation criteria, Sonographic examples, Thrombus characteristics, Interpretation criteria, Sonographic examples, Interpretation criteria, Sonographic example, Interpretation criteria, Sonographic example, ,Clinical presentation, Sonographic examples, What’s the best explanation for these signals?, Sonographic example, The answer is…, Sonographic example, Clinical presentation, Sonographic example, Mid thigh GSV, Distal thigh GSV, What’s going on here?, Sonographic examples, The answer is…, Non-venous pathology, What could this be?, The answer is…, For non-vascular pathology, Make sure to determine presence of blood flow, ,Live demonstration of lower extremity venous ultrasound examination,

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Keywords : acute DVT, adductor canal, arteriovenous fistula, augmentation maneuver, AVF, Baker’s cyst, CFV, chronic DVT, color Doppler, color priority, common femoral vein, compression ultrasound, continuous Doppler waveform, deep venous thrombosis, DVT, extrinsic venous compression, femoral vein, gastronemius vein, grater saphenous vein, GSV, Hunter’s canal, ICAVL, incompetent accessory system, inferior vena cava, inguinal ligament, Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories, IVC compression, IVC thrombus, lesser saphenous vein, lower extremity venous ultrasound, peroneal vein, phasic flow, popliteal cyst, popliteal vein, posterior tibial vein, profundal vein, PTV, pulsatile venous waveform, reflux time, respiratory variation, saphenofemoral junction, SFJ, SFV, small saphenous vein, soleal vein, spectral Doppler, spontaneous flow, subacute DVT, superficial femoral vein, systemic venous hypertension, valsalva maneuver, valvular incompetence, valvular leaflet, varicose vein, venous collaterals, venous insufficiency

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