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Peter M. Doubilet, MD
Mistakes to Avoid in the First Trimester
Peter M. Doubilet, MD
08/13/2012 | Time : 55 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Misdiagnosis of a gestational sac, Misdiagnosis of an early IUP example, Misinterpretation of early pregnancy, Sonographic signs of an early IUP, Gestational sac or pseudogestational sac, Gestational sac vs. pseudogestational sac, Take away message, Over reliance on HCG, Sonographic images, BWH experience, Confusion between intraovarian mass and extraovarian mass, Sonographic images, Undercounting pregnancy number, Sonographic images, Number at 5-6 weeks gestation, Assessment of pregnancy number, Misinterpretation of follow-up scan after MTX, Tubal ectopic, Mass 1-2 weeks after MTX, Confusion between a cornual ectopic pregnancy and an eccentrically located pregnancy, Video clips, Diagnostic criterion, Video clips, Confusion between a cervical ectopic pregnancy and a spontaneous abortion in progress, Video clip, Diagnostic criteria, Video clip, Failure to diagnose a cesarean scar implantation, Diagnostic criteria, Cesarean scar implantation, Incorrect follow-up of 1st trimester bowel herniation, Sonographic image, Physiologic bowl herniation in 1st trimester, Maximum diameter of herniated "mass" 7mm, Maximum diameter of herniated "mass" greater than or equal to 7mm, Incorrect interpretation when slow heart rate reverts to normal, Video clip, 6-7 week ultrasound followed by normal heart rate, False reassurance when a slow heart rate reverts to normal , Failure to recognize thick nuchal translucency, Video clip, nuchal translucency, 4 fetuses with thickened nuchal translucencies

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