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Giancarlo Mari, MD
Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Fetal Anemia
Giancarlo Mari, MD
02/11/2012 | Time : 40 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Definition of fetal anemia, Causes of fetal anemia, Rh hemolytic disease United States, “Irregular” red blood cell antigens , Alloimmunization, Rh-cell alloimmunization , Albert William Liley, Rh cell alloimmunization: the story, Rh hemolytic disease United States, Fetoscopy, Cord blood sampling, Amniocentesis/Cordocentesis, Amniocentesis, Chart , Cordocentesis, Risks of cordocentesis, Sonographic images, Blood velocity in anemia, A few concepts in Doppler US, Angle dependence, Doppler indices, Direction of flow, Sonographic images, Fetal middle cerebral artery velocity, Normal fetuses, Chart , Middle cerebral artery peak systole, MCA-PSV diagnoses fetal anemia, Chart, Chart, Chart, Chart, Non-invasive diagnosis of fetal anemia, Kell-alloimmunization, Chart, Prospective study on an intention to treat, MCA-PSV, Chart, Chart, Chart Diagnosis of fetal anemia, Which patients are candidates for assessment of the MCA-PSV?, Where do we need to sample the MCA-PSV?, Sonographic image, How do sonographers and sonologists achieve good training?, Is the delta OD 450 better than MCA-PSV or vice versa?, Cited literature, Is the MCA-PSV standard of care for the diagnosis of fetal anemia?, ACOG practice bulletin, Red cell alloimmunization management algorithm, Is the MCA-PSV reliable in fetuses previously transfused?, Is the MCA-PSV reliable for the diagnosis of fetal anemia due to other causes?, Is this the time to transfuse or can we wait?, Case 1 , Delta OD 450 chart, Clinical options, Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity assessment , Case 2, History, Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity assessment, Case 3, Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity assessment, Case 4, 28 y o G1P0, Conclusion

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