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Non-Simple Cysts and Color Doppler in Breast Sonography
08/10/2009 | Time : 49 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Interpretive difficulties, Ultrasound examples of breast cysts, Non-simple breast cysts, Complex/complicated breast cysts, Simple cyst characteristics, Simple cyst – BIRADS 2, Non-simple breast cysts – general rule, Systematic approach – level 2 characterization, Non-simple breast cysts – echo producing structures, Complicated cyst, Artifactual echoes, Simple with artifact vs. complicated, Pseudo-complicated vs. complicated, Complex breast cyst – systematic approach, Complex cyst septations, Complex cyst mural nodules, Mural nodules, Papilloma or papillary carcinoma, Growth of intracystic papilloma, Loss of capsule, Protrusion beyond cyst wall, Fibrovascular stalk, Tumefactive sludge vs. ICPL, Fibrocystic change, Clustered microcystic appearance, Internal echoes in complex cyst, BIRADS 3,Thick-walled inflamed cyst, Differential diagnosis, Fibrosis, Fluid-debris level, Vessel orientation in thickened cyst wall, Complicated breast cyst – systematic approach, Cholesterol crystals, Streaming echoes, Cysts with fat-fluid levels, Sigmoid shaped fat-fluid level, “Acorn” cyst, Milk of calcium, Circumferential wall calcifications, Lipid (oil) cysts, Cysts that are clustered, Subaceous cysts, Systematic approach, Indeterminate cyst/solid, Color Doppler, Aspiration attempt, Rocked needle tip, Fixed needle tip, Roles of color Duplex sonography, Variable compression technique, Variable compression technique – color Doppler, Variable compression technique – power Doppler, , Color Doppler of inflamed cyst, Color Doppler with intracystic papilloma, Color Doppler with intracystic mural nodule, Other breast tumors, Acute lactational mastitis, Acute periductal mastitis, Fremitus, When is Fremitus helpful?, Roles of color Duplex sonography

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Keywords : acorn cysts, artifactual echoes, BIRADS, breast cancer, breast cyst, Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System, cholesterol crystals, clustered cysts, coded harmonics, color Doppler, complex breast cyst, complicated breast cyst, compound imaging, cystic septations, DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ, fat-fluid levels, FCC, fibrocystic change, fibrovascular stalk, fluid-debris levels, Fremitus, harmonics imaging, harmonics, ICPL, inflamed breast cyst, intracystic papilloma, lipid cysts, macrocysts, mastitis, microcysts, milk of calcium, mural nodules, non-simple breast cyst, PAM, papillary apocrine metaplasia, papillary carcinoma, papilloma, pseudo-complicated cyst, real time compounding, sebaceous cysts, simple breast cyst, sonomammography, TDLU, terminal ductal lobular unit

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