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Optimizing Breast Sonography
12/06/2010 | Time : 47 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Breast sonography general role, Breast sonography specific goals, Breast ultrasound indications, Breast sonography, Breast sonography – elevation plane, Equipment, Elevation plane focus, Patient positioning, Hand behind head, Annotation, Scan planes, Scan planes: radial/anti-radial Breast sonography, Normal anatomy, Apparent duct, Duct ectasia, Normal variations and age changes, One difference, Mammographic-sonographic correlation, Ultrasound-mammographic correlation, How I remember this Breast sonography , Mammographic-sonographic correlation: fatty tissue, Mammographic-sonographic correlation: glandular tissue, Mammographic-sonographic correlation: fibrous tissue, Breast sonography, Mammographic-sonographic correlation Breast sonography, Palpable abnormality, Palpable lump, Simultaneous palpation and scanning, Stand-off pad, Near field volume averaging, Asymmetric density, Split screen mirror images, Compressibility split screen comparison, Fibroadenoma or fat nodule?, Three maneuvers to prove fat lobule Split screen with and without compression, Fibroadenoma, Compression eradicates artifactual shadowing, Calcification next to cyst, Artifactual shadowing, Which one is cancer?, Nipple, Straight AP approach, Peripheral compression, Two-handed compression, Rolled nipple technique

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Keywords : anti-radial plane, artifactual shadowing, breast cancer, breast cyst, breast sonography, breast ultrasound, CC view, Cooper’s ligament, cranial-caudal view, duct ectasia, ductal ectasia, elevation plane, FA, fat lobule, fatty tissue, fibroadenoma, glandular tissue, invasive ductal carcinoma, lateral resolution, mammary zone, mediolateral oblique view, MLO view, near field volume averaging, pectoralis muscle, periductal stroma, pre-mammary fascia, radial plane, retromammary fascia, retromammary zone, solid breast mass, sonomammography, tension breast cyst

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