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Arthur C. Fleischer, MD
Optimizing Differential Diagnoses of Pelvic Masses with 4D
Arthur C. Fleischer, MD
11/30/2009 | Time : 40 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Overview, Clinically important questions to be addressed with ultrasound, Transvaginal sonography +/- CDS, Sonographic evaluation of pelvic masses, Sonographic DDx of cystic ovarian masses, Physiologic cysts, Ovarian follicles, Hemorrhagic corpus luteum, Hemoperitoneum associated with hemorrhagic corpus luteum, Ovarian cyst in post menopausal patient, TA/TV of adnexal cysts in post menopausal women, Natural history of adnexal cysts in asymptomatic post menopausal women, Sonographic DDx of cystic ovarian masses with septated/papillary excrescences, Sonographic findings suggestive of malignancy, Papillary ovarian cyst, TVS – cyst morphology, Papillary cystadenoma, Papillary cystadenocarcinoma, Papillary cystadenoma – 3D, Sonographic DDx of complex ovarian masses, Ovarian teratomas, Endometriomas, Tubo-ovarian complex, Hemorrhagic cysts and dermoid, Hemorrhagic cysts, Endometrioma, Tubo-ovarian complex, Endometrioma, Hemorrhagic cyst –torsed, Dermoid cyst, Ruptured cyst with hematoma, Tubo-ovarian abscess, Sonographic DDx of ovarian masses, Adenocarcinoma, Metastatic tumor, Germ cell tumor, V.I. vs. P.W.P.P., Sonographic DDx of pelvic masses, “Rules” for sonographic diagnosis of ovarian cancer, 3D Gyn sonography, 3D pelvic sonography, Cystic ovarian mass, Ovarian cyst with fibrin strand, Hemorrhagic cyst, Papillary cystadenoma, Live 3D/4D matrix array probe, Video, 3D color Doppler pelvic sonography application, 3D color Doppler pelvic sonography instrumentation/technique, Ovarian cancer, 3D color Doppler pelvic sonography: Illustrated cases, Endometrioma, Papillary cystadenoma, Hematosalpinx, Intramural fibroid, Endometrial polyp, Ovarian metastases, Tubo-ovarian abscess, Endometrial polyp, 3D color Doppler sonography: preliminary conclusions, Qualitative assessment of volumetric (3D) CDS, Quantification of volumetric (3D) CDS, Central vascularity – irregular branching/morphology, Peripheral vascularity – feeding vessel, Cystadenoma, 3D sonography of tumors, 3D CDS of ovarian masses, Composition of solid tumors, Tumor neovascularity, Microbubbles, Benign ovarian mass, 3D contrasted ovarian mass, Benign solid ovarian mass, Ovarian cancer, Pelvic sonography conclusion

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