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Michelle L. Robbin, MD
Optimizing the Vascular US Exam: Pearls and Pitfalls
Michelle L. Robbin, MD
08/24/2014 | Time : 37 min
About This Lecture:

A presentation about the proper use of the “knobology” of ultrasound machines. Discuss how to optimize the gray scale image. Discuss how to optimize color Doppler. Discuss how to optimize the gray scale image. Discuss how to optimize color Doppler.

Topics mentioned in this video : Ultrasound imaging enough for dx, Ultrasound today, What you need to know, Other things you need to know, Optimize gray scale imaging, Use modes for increased penetration, Cirrhotic liver, Optimize gray scale imaging, Optimize gray scale, Measure accurately and correctly, Vein wall over-measured, Vein wall thickening – recognized, Optimize color Doppler, Rule out hydronephrosis, Analysis – PSA and AVF after bx, Mass after brachial artery stick, Optimize color Doppler, Increase color gain to decrease color bleed, Take color off to measure, Failing hemodialysis AVF, Optimize color Doppler, Asymmetric distal CCA PSVs, Can’t see stenosis on gray scale, Severe carotid bulb stenosis, Distal to severe bulb stenosis, How to maximize color for low flow, Decrease color scale for venous flow, Woman s/p D&C with bleeding, Low BhCG - ?retained POC, Optimize imaging for accurate dx, Twinkle artifact, Right flank pain, Bladder not very full, went to EV, Ureteral jet shows is non-obstructing, Optimize spectral Doppler, Right RAS, RAS, Spectral Doppler waveform, Bruit s/p cardiac cath, SFA to FV AVF, no DVT, Leg swelling, r/o DVT, Little tissue artifact, Last case, 65 yo male with carotid bruit, ECA, Which vessel is stenotic?, Temporal tap always seen in ECA, Summary, Acknowledgments

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