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Edward A. Lyons, OC, MD, FRCP (C), FACR
Pelvic Pain in Women
Edward A. Lyons, OC, MD, FRCP (C), FACR
05/14/2011 | Time : 66 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Pelvic pain in women, Pelvic pain, Ask the patient what’s wrong, When assessing a woman with pelvic pain, Look closely at the requisition, The sonographer’s job is, The sonologist’s job is usually, The sonologist’s job is ideally, In the real world, Pelvic pain – what organ is tender?, Why TA and do you need a full bladder?, Probe, Touch the uterine body to assess tenderness, How to palpate the uterus, Uterine palpation with RVRF uterus, 39y/0 G1P1 menorrhagia, Pelvis viscera of the female, Bowel in the pelvis, Normal pre-menopausal reproductive apparatus Pelvic tenderness check all the organs, Uterine causes of pain, 16 y/o with abdominal pain and a mass, regular periods, Hematocolpos, -metra, and –salpinx, 16 y/o didelphys post vaginal incision scan, Uterus didelphys, 49 y/o G4P4 with left pelvic pain, Uterine causes of pain, 41 y/o post endometrial ablation, 40 y/o with pain shortly after endometrial ablation, ?Failed endometrial ablation, 55 y/o with endometrial ablation, 43 y/o pelvic pain 1 year post ablation, 43 y/o pelvic pain 1.5 years post ablation Uterine causes of pain, Endometritis, 16 y/o 2 weeks post TA, Uterine causes of pain, Adenomyosis is not fibroids, Typical characteristics , Fibroid – critical features, 34 y/o G1P0 tender painful “uterus”, Typical characteristics, Menorrhagia, previous polyp, Adenomyosis infiltrating myometrium, Adenomyosis – clinically, Focal myometrial echodensities, 38 y/o G6P2 right pelvic pain and lower abdominal pain, 53 y/o with post menopausal bleeding, 65 y/o with large uterus, 52 year old G0P0 with menorrhagia, Look for the whole package Treatment of adenomyosis is symptomatic, 47 y/o one year post UAE with adenomyosis, HSC pelvic US, Adenomyosis and how it presents, Incidence of fibroids and adenomyosis, How do fibroids present?, Uterine causes of pain, 45 y/o with pelvic pain and IUCD, 43 y/o with post coital bleeding and pain after IUCD, 43 y/o G0P0 intermenstrual bleeding , Lost IUCD, 40 y/o with pelvic pain, Video clip, Pelvic pain in a 40 y/o Chinese woman, Types of IUCD, Uterine causes of pain, 27 y/o G3P2Ab1 with pelvic pain, When you have pelvic pain… Pelvic pain: non-uterine causes, Tubal causes of pain, Low grade salpingitis, Check for proximal tube tenderness, 26 y/o LLQ pain and tenderness, 23 y/o G1P1 with pelvic pain, 42 y/o with one month LLQ pain, 55 y/o with pelvic pain, Ectopic at 8 weeks, Spotting at 12 weeks G1P0, Laparotomy done next day, Scan upper abdomen, 31 y/o G0P0 with pain 2 months, Laprascopic removal of left fallopian tube, Non-functional simple cyst, Paratubal cyst, Fallopian tube neoplasm, 62 y/o G2P2 with spotting, Fallopian tube papillary cystadenocarcinoma Pelvic pain, Ovarian causes of pain, Corpus luteum cyst, 25 y/o with dyspareunia, Polycystic ovaries, 30 y/o G4P4 with RLQ pain, 20 y/o with lower abdominal fullness, Ovarian torsion, 29 y/o with 1 day of right pain, Ovarian torsion and necrosis, 23 y/o with LLQ pain, 15 y/o G0P0 known ovarian cyst, Pelvic pain – answer the question, Bowel causes, 53 y/o on HRT LLQ pain and tenderness, If uterus and ovaries are normal what then?, Normal and abnormal bowel motility, 42 y/o G1P1 with pelvic pain, 23 y/o G3P0Ta1Sa1 LMP 12 weeks, LLQ pain, 41 y/o G2P0 LLQ pain X 2 weeks, 48 y/o 10 days post TAH/BSO with pain, fever, 21 y/o with RLQ pain and tenderness, 23 y/o G1P1 Day 10 with sudden onset LLQ pain, Pelvic pain

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