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Mindy M. Horrow, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM
Pitfalls in Gynecologic Ultrasound
Mindy M. Horrow, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM
06/11/2011 | Time : 47 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Disclaimers, How we image the pelvis with ultrasound at AEMC, Outline , Uterus, Initial TA, Further TV imaging, Uterine or adnexal mass?, Is this an enlarged, diffusely myomatous uterus?, More TA images, Cystic uterine or adnexal mass?, Is endometrium too thick?, MRI images, Atypical appearance of fibroids, 64 y.o. diabetic, Atherosclerosis – Monkeberg’s sclerosis, Focal adenomyosis, ?Endometrial polyp, Septate uterus, 90 y.o with post-menopausal bleeding Post surgical imaging, H/O hysterectomy, H/O hysterectomy, H/O cesarean section, Adhesions, CT and simulated TV view of a similar patient, US and CT views of tethered uterus, Sonography and cesarean scar, C-section scar simulates myoma, Is there focal endometrial thickening?, Two patients with h/o inter-menstrual spotting, Intracavitary myoma, H/O c-section X1 Cesarean scar “pouch” or “niche”, IUD check, Same patient – CT, Tubular structures in the pelvis, Normal fallopian tubes, Two different patients with same diagnosis, Dilated thick-walled fallopian tube, Hematosalpinx, Post menopausal woman with cystic tumor, Dilated fallopian tubes, Schematic, H/O pelvic pain, H/O chronic pelvic pain, CT image, IR image Right pelvic pain, CT image, Right pelvic pain, 16 y.o. left pelvic pain, Abnormal ovaries without mass or cyst, Palpable RLQ mass in term newborn girl, Large ovaries secondary to maternal stimulation, 16 y.o. with amenorrhea, Turner syndrome (mosaic), Infertility evaluation, Premature ovarian failure, 75 y.o. with malignant pleural effusion, Dx: ovarian cancer, 60 y.o. with h/o breast cancer, Metastatic disease to ovaries, Large ovaries with > 12 tiny peripheral follicles Polycystic ovary syndrome, Acute left pelvic pain, Ovarian torsion, “M&M” cases, Initial uterine measurements, More TA & TV images, MR for problem solving, Interpreted as normal TA study, Re-imaging TA & TV, What is wrong with these labels?, MR images, Large dermoid superior to uterus, Dermoid with fat and soft tissue, Dermoid with variable appearance of far components, Is this a cystic ovarian neoplasm?, Peritoneal inclusion cyst, Advice

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