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Beverly G. Coleman, MD, FACR
Pitfalls in Obstetrical Ultrasound – When You Think Something is Wrong
Beverly G. Coleman, MD, FACR
03/18/2013 | Time : 42 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, Common US Findings, Choroid plexus cyst: real or not real, Bilateral choroid plexus cysts, Anya, Bilateral choroid plexus cysts, How to measure CPC’s, True CPC, Sonographic images, Isolated CPC’s, Video clip, What to look for, Isolated CPC’s with normal extremities, T18 with large CPC’s, clenched hands, CHD, Pitfalls and mimics, Real or not real?, Choroid plexus hemorrhage, Choroid plexus papilloma, Ventriculomegaly: enlarged or normal, Ventriculomegaly classification, Idiopathic mild ventriculomegaly, What to look for, Idiopathic ventricular asymmetry, For further evaluation, Ventricular asymmetry grade 1GMH, Inferior vermian hypoplasia, Pitfalls and mimics, Pseudoventriculomegaly, Ventriculomegaly: real or not?, Cavu veli interpositi cyst, Large CPC’s not ventriculomegaly, Echogenic intracardiac focus, Ventricular EICF’s LV & RV, EICF, LV EICF, UC cyst, nl vents, Sonographic image, Left ventricular EICF’s, Association with aneuploidy, T21 with NIH and without EICF, What to look for, Bilateral EICF in TOF, Papillary muscle reflector, Specular reflector RV hypertrophy, Valve specular reflector, Bilateral EICF?, Idiopathic infantile arterial calcification, Prominent thymus: is this a mass?, Normal or not?, Outside diagnosis of RT CCAM, What to look for, Video clip, Normal thymus, Pitfalls and mimics, Location, location, location: goiter, Rhabdomyomoa, Mild renal pyelectasis: what size matters?, Normal renal pelvis, MRP, Pelvis with full bladder, MRP, MRP & other markers for T21, What to look for?, Isolated MRP, Prognosis of MRP?, MRP with multiple anomalies, Pitfalls and mimics, Extra-renal pelvis, Left MRP with right congenital UPJ, Echogenic bowel: is if definitely bright?, Bowel echogenicity grading, Abnormal triple screen with Grade 1 EB, Grade 2 echogenic bowel, Grade 3 echogenic bowel, What to look for, Severe IUGR 2-4 weeks delayed, Complete heart block with ischemia, Pitfalls and mimics, Pseudoechogenic bowel, Meconium peritonitis, Multiple meconium pseudocysts, Meconium pseudocyst with ascites

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Keywords : cavu veli interpositi cyst, CCAM, choroid plexus cyst, choroid plexus hemorrhage, choroid plexus papilloma, complete heart block, congential cystic adenomatoid malformation, CPC, dangling choroid plexus, echogenic bowel, echogenic intracardiac focus, EICF, extra-renal pelvis, fetal ascites, fetal thymus, germincal matrix hemorrhage, GMH, idiopathic infantile arterial calcification, intrauterine growth restriction, IUG, meconium peritonitis, meconium pseudocysts, obstetrical ultrasound, papillary muscle reflector, renal caliectasis, renal pyelectasis, rhabdomyomoa, tetraology of Fallot, throid goiter, trisomy 13, trisomy 18, trisomy 21, umbilical cord cyst, ventriculomegaly

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