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Oksana H. Baltarowich, MD
Pitfalls in Transvaginal Sonography
Oksana H. Baltarowich, MD
12/06/2010 | Time : 58 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Objectives , How to avoid pitfalls in TVS, Know Ob/Gyn history, Pregnancy-assisted techniques, Listen to patient, Pre-scan transabdominally, Transabdominal pre-scan Transabdominal pre-scan , Transvaginal scan, Pre-scan transabdominally, Understand image projection, Check beam orientation, Check beam orientation: coronal, Check technique, Adjust depth settings, Set proper depth, Scan 2-3 cm beyond margin of organ Adjust gain, Real or artifactual echoes?, Document urinary bladder, Document cervix Understand uterine position, Understand uterine position: anteverted uterus, Understand uterine position: mid-pelvis uterus, Understand uterine position: retroverted uterus Uterine positions, Know blind spots in pelvis, Be persistent about finding ovaries, Maneuver the probe, Use Doppler, Avoid pseudo-ovaries, Use Doppler for tubular structures, Doppler for unusual cystic mass, Doppler for unusual uterine areas, Confirm color Doppler with spectral tracing Pitfalls: Doppler and ovarian torsion, Ovarian torsion, Color Doppler: ring of fire, Don’t rely on ring of fire for ectopic pregnancy, Think beyond Gyn conditions, TVS: distal ureter, Acute appendicitis: pelvic appendix, How to avoid pitfalls in TVS

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