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Deborah Levine, MD
Prenatal Diagnosis of Skeletal Abnormalities
Deborah Levine, MD
07/28/2014 | Time : 34 min
About This Lecture:

A summary about prenatal skeletal anomalies and how to sonographically diagnose them. Discuss recommendations when a short humerus is diagnosed. Discuss the sonographic presentation of thanatophoric dysplasia.

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, Overview, Short humerus/short femur, Likelihood ratios, Short femur, Sonographic image, Recommendation: short HL or FL, Hydrops, …and short femur, …and cystc hygroma, Polydactyly, Sonographic and radiographic images, Scoliosis, Sonographic images, Lim body wall complex, Amniotic band syndrome, Amniotic bands absent hand, Limb reduction defect: absent forearm, Sonographic image, Sacrococygeal teratoma, Cystic and solid mass at base of spine, Small amount of blood flow, Mass, predominately exophytic, Sonographic images, Normal hand normal feet, Clenched fist, Rocker bottom feet, Trisomy 18, Club foot, Sonographic images, Abnormal positioning, Holt-Oram syndrome, Skeletal dysplasias, Chart, Short long bones, Round head, Wide iliac angle, Small chest, Short stubby fingers, What is your differential diagnosis?, Thanatophoric dysplasia, Heterozygous achondroplasia, Example of a case, Chart, Sonographic image, Trident fingers, Sonographic image, Heterozygous achondroplasia, Sonographic image, Severe micromelia, Decreased mineralization of skull, Small deformed chest, What is your differential diagnosis?, Differential diagnosis, Chart, Broken bones everywhere, Sonographic images, Normal skull ossification, Osteogenesis imperfecta type II, A different case of OI, OI-Sillence classification – 4 types, Sonographic image, Campomelic dysplasia, Achondrogenesis, Small chest, abnormal heart, Severe micromelia, Sonographic image, Subcutaneous edema, Image, Radiographic image, Skeletal dysplasia, Accuracy of prenatal dx, Conclusions, Main points in prenatal dx of skeletal dysplasias

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Keywords : achondrogenesis, amniotic band sydrome, anal atresia, campomelic dysplasia, Cardiac defects, clenched fist, club foot, cystic hygroma, Down syndrome, femur length, fetal femur, fetal humerus, fetal hydrops, fetal radius, fetal ulna, FL, heterozygous achondroplasia, HL, Holt-Oram syndrome, humeral length, intrauterine growth restriction, IUGR, limb body wall complex, micromelia, obstetrical ultrasound, OI, oligohydramnios, osteogenesis imperfecta, polydactyly, polyhydramnios, Renal anomalies and Limb defects, rocker bottom feet, sacrococygeal teratoma, scoliosis, skeletal dysplasias, TC, thanatophoric dysplasia, thoracic circumference, Tracheoesophageal fistula and/or Esophageal atresia, trident fingers, trisomy 18, trisomy 21, VATERL, Vertebral anomalies

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