Renal Disease: Technique and Quantification Ultrasound Video Lecture by Konrad Friedrich Stock, MD | SonoWorld
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Konrad Friedrich Stock, MD
Renal Disease: Technique and Quantification
Konrad Friedrich Stock, MD
03/26/2017 | Time : 22 min
About This Lecture:

A presentation about the use of contrast in performing renal ultrasound. Upon completion of this educational activity the participant should be able to describe patient positioning for optimal scanning, understand the nomenclature for CEUS of the kidneys, such as the different contrast phases, and consider the practical aspects of CEUS of the kidneys, like contrast preparation, machine optimization and management of the exam

Topics mentioned in this video : Patient positioning, Nomenclature, Definition of the phases, Practical aspects, CT vs. CEUS

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Keywords : CEUS, contrast enhanced ultrasound, contrast washout, cortical enhancement phase, dorsal window, late arterial phase, left flank, medullary enhancement phase, microbubbles, renal artery, renal ultrasound, right flank

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