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Leslie M. Scoutt, MD
Sonographic Evaluation of Ectopic Pregnancy
Leslie M. Scoutt, MD
06/07/2010 | Time : 60 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Outline , First question, Ectopic pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy: risk factors, Ectopic pregnancy, Technique, Technique: EVUS, Ectopic pregnancy: ultrasound evaluation, IUP: intradecidual sign, IUP: double decidual sac sign, IUP: ultrasound diagnosis, Positive ßHCG/empty uterus Pseudogestational sac , Ectopic pregnancy, Extrauterine gestational sac, Tubal ring, Ectopic pregnancy Free fluid, Ectopic pregnancy: ultrasound findings, Pregnancy of unknown location, Treatment of pregnancy of unknown location, Pitfalls: diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, Corpus luteal cyst, Corpus luteal cyst vs. ectopic, Ectopic pregnancy: ultrasound diagnosis Unusual locations, Interstitial pregnancy, Interstitial pregnancy: ultrasound findings, Interstitial pregnancy: DDx, Cervical pregnancy, Cervical pregnancy: treatment, Cervical pregnancy: ultrasound findings, ?Cervical pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy in c-section scar, Always examine the area of the patient’s pain Intra-ovarian ectopic pregnancy, Heterotopic pregnancy: incidence, Heterotopic pregnancy, Conclusions

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