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Jill E. Langer, MD
Sonographic Evaluation of Patients Following Thyroidectomy for Cancer
Jill E. Langer, MD
05/07/2011 | Time : 35 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Objectives, Mayo clinic study, Methods for detecting thyroid cancer, Detection of lymph node mets – 2 studies, Sonography vs. WBS (1-131), Advantages of sonography over cross sectional neck imaging, Limitations of sonography, Post-thyroidectomy sonography, Risk factors for neck recurrence, Follow up of low risk patients, Recurrence rates after initial therapy, When do you do neck sonography?, Our neck ultrasound protocol, Individual lymph nodes in the head and neck, Head and neck surgeon’s perspective of the neck, Neck node – surgical and imaging based classification, Pertinent neck anatomy, Neck node classification – central neck levels VI, VII, Neck node classification – lateral neck levels II – V, Nodal mets by compartment, Pre-operative assessment of lateral cervical lymph nodes Clinical lymph node mets at presentation, Ultrasound detected lateral lymph node mets at presentation, Ultrasound technique, Some basic facts: cervical lymph nodes, Ultrasound of normal cervical lymph nodes, Normal lymph node, Lymph node size and shape, Sub centimeter central lymph node with rounded shape, Normal 12mm, rounded Level II lymph node, Sonographic features of neck lymph nodes, Normal lymph node – hilus, Normal hilar vessels, Absence of hilus, Cystic change, Cystic node metastasis from PTC, Cystic node metastases, Cystic node metastasis , Multiple partially cystic lymph nodes with colloid, Nodal calcifications, Lymph node with calcifications, Hyperechoic foci, Lymph node with small hyperechoic, peripheral focus, Lymph node with metastatic thyroid cancer – histologic example, Nodal vascularity, Diffusely increased vascularity, Compression of IJV from PTC node, Follicular cancer invading IJV Normal post-thyroidectomy bed, Thyroid bed and central neck recurrence, Thyroid bed recurrence, Central compartment nodes, Places that lymph nodes like to “hide”, Upper mediastinal recurrence, What do we do when US detects an abnormal LN?, FNA of LN, Video clip, Nearly entirely cystic nodes, Cystic LN metastasis, Pitfalls of sonography for detecting neck recurrence, Thyroid cartilage, 28 yo women with Tg 3.2ng/ml, Residual thyroid tissue or re-growth, 63 yo woman who had thyroidectomy, 53 yo male with tall cell PTC, Post operative neuromas, Zenker’s diverticulum, Chronic culture negative infection/foreign body granuloma, LN assessment, Papillary thyroid cancer: LN, Thank you

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Keywords : anterior triangle lymph node, central neck compartment, cervical lymph node, cervical thymus, colloid lymph node, common carotid artery, cricoid cartilage, cystic lymph node, fine needle aspiration, FNA, hyoid bone, internal jugular vein, lateral neck compartment, lymph node calcifications, lymph node hilum, lymph node metastases, lymph node mets, neck lymph node, neck ultrasound, nodal mets, papillary thyroid cancer, post operative neuroma, posterior triangle lymph node, recurrent thyroid cancer, sternal notch, sternocleidomastoid muscle, tall cell papillary thyroid cancer, Tg, thyroglobulin, thyroid bed, thyroid cancer, thyroid cartilage, thyroidectomy, whole body scan, Zenker’s diverticulum

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