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Tom Stavros, MD, FACR
Sonography of Mammary Implants
Tom Stavros, MD, FACR
07/09/2011 | Time : 52 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Evaluation of mammary implants, Principles to keep in mind, Implant problems and complications, Implant variety is huge, Ultrasound evaluation of lumen contents, Single lumen saline implants have fill valves, Diaphragm fill valve, Rectangular diaphragm fill valve Many varieties of diaphragm fill valve, Discoid diaphragm fill valve in vivo, Leaflet fill valve, Everting diaphragm fill valve, Wrinkles and folds – terminology, Presence of radial folds is normal but…, Anterior radial folds can be palpable, Saline and silicone gel implants, Magnified views, Tangential views of textured shells, Image, Unmagnified views are inadequate, With magnification, Fibrous capsule simulated by thinly sliced ham, Four surfaces of shell-capsular complex WNL capsule-shell complex, Both smooth and textured implant shells, Smooth and textured implants, In vivo comparison of smooth and textured implants, Heavily textured implants, Capsular calcifications, Peri-implant effusion, In vivo peri-implant effusion, Double lumen implant, Site of implantation, Site of implantation – subglandular implants, Site of implantation – retropectoral implants, Retropectoral implants, Site of implantation – assess in axillary segments, Capsular contracture , Capsular contracture - convex outward posteriorly, Capsular contracture – thickened capsule, Capsular contracture – increased number of radial folds Implant herniation, Implant herniation – smooth shell, Ruptured saline implants, Extracapsular rupture SLSG implant, Not all silicone granulomas have snowstorm appearance, Extracapsular rupture SLSG implant, Free silicone injection, Extracapsular rupture SLSG implant Intracapsular rupture of SLSG, Problem with distinguishing radial folds from ICR with partial collapse, Intracapsular rupture of SLSG, Reverberation and ringdown artifacts, Reverberation echoes simulating ICR, ICR must occur before ECR, Don’t get distracted by implants and miss chief complaint, Implants and interventional procedures, US of mammary implants

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Keywords : breast implants, breast ultrasound, capsular calcifications, capsular contracture, diaphragm fill valve, discoid diaphragm fill valve, double lumen mammary implant, ECR, everting diaphragm fill valve, extracapsular rupture, harmonic imaging, ICR, intracapsular rupture, leaflet fill valve, mammary implant herniation, mammary implants, peri-implant effusion, pre-pectoral mammary implant, radial fold, rectangular diaphragm fill valve, retropectoral mammary implant, reverberation, ringdown artifact, ruptured saline implant, saline implant, shell-capsular complex, silicone gel implant, silicone granuloma, single lumen saline implants, single lumen silicone gel implant, SLSG implant, smooth shell, sonomammography, subglandular mammary implant, textured shell

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